College & Young Adult 

Let's face it you are not a teen anymore and adulting can be hard! You are expected to have life figured out; what your major will be, what your will do with your career, and on top of that you are juggling time management with relationships, work, and school.


When we are teens we can’t wait to be adults, even in college, we can’t wait to get out. Now, we have jobs, bills, and responsibilities! Long gone are summer vacations, now it is work, hanging with friends.

No matter what curve ball life is throwing you, let us help you gain skills that will help in the real world. 


  • Daily accountability (chores, hygiene, cleaning, personal care)

  • Financial (budgeting, balancing check book, saving) 

  • Job searching and interviewing skills 




  • Skills, interests, and hobbies 

  • Academics or Continuing Education 

  • Vocational / career skills 



  • Relationships / social interactions

  • Physical care and exercise 

  • Mental, emotional, and spiritual health

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