Tweens & Teens

Being a teen can be hard, you will make friends, lose friends, fight with your parents, love your parents, ace a test, fail a class, have a crush, get dumped, and a hundred other things…and let’s be honest, sometimes it happens all on the same day! 


If we are honest these years are the most interesting, amazing, hopeful, amusing, uncertain, awkward, relaxed, cheerful, joyful, confusing, disgusting, exasperating, frustrating, happy, embarrassing, infatuating, nervous, self-conscious years of your life. Along with every feeling every emotion possible, your brain is actually physically changing every single day, hormones are raging through your body, and you are supposed to balance a million things on top of that! 



  • Planning

  • Study Skills

  • Academic Pressure

  • Friendship, Mean Guys/Girls and Bullying

  • Organization and Time Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Stress Management

  • Family Conflict

  • Anxiety 

  • Body Image

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • Social Media and Screen Engagement

  • Drugs, alcohol & decision making

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